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ZyXEL Prestige 652HW ADSL Security Gateway with Wireless Ready[SKU - 2404]

ZyXEL Prestige 652HW ADSL Security Gateway with Wireless Ready

ZyXEL Prestige 652HW ADSL Security Gateway with Wireless Ready[SKU - 2404]

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ZyXEL's Prestige 652HW ADSL security gateway is a powerful, all-in-one DSL device for SOHO and SMB applications as well as enterprise branch offices. The security gateway integrates a high-speed ADSL port, 4-port 10/100Mbps auto MDI/MDIX Ethernet switch and an optional wireless access point. The Prestige 652HW provides superior Firewall/VPN network protection, while simultaneously offering the flexibility and freedom of wireless access. The Prestige 652HW protects networks from network intrusions by providing robust Firewall security features and standard IPSec Virtual Private Network tunneling. Additional features such as auto fail-over/fail-back Dial Backup, Traffic Redirect, and IP layer QoS Bandwidth Management, maximize performance while minimizing operation and maintenance costs. Management is further simplified with an intuitive Multilingual (English, German, French) Web based Configurator and administrator wizards. Scalable, secure, and easy to use, ZyXEL's Prestige 652HW is the ideal secure broadband solution to meet today's business needs.

SHigh-speed Internet Access
The Prestige 652HW is capable of supporting downstream transmission rates of up to 8Mbps and upstream rates of up to 832 Kbps. Rate adaptation is also supported, which allows ADSL subscribers to select an Internet access speed that best suites their needs and budgets.

Robust, State-of-the-Art Firewall Security
The ICSA certified ZyNOS operating system ensures state-of-the-art Firewall performance and robust security from the Prestige 652HW. Based on Stateful Packet Inspection and Denial of Service (DoS), it provides the first line of defense against hackers, network intruders, and other hazardous threats.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) Support
The Prestige 652HW supports standard IPSec VPN, suitable for site-to-site and remote access deployment. Data encryption over the Internet ensures secure transmission of data between two sites, and can be used to replace a private leased line or frame relay network, allowing global interconnectivity at a minimal expense. The Prestige 652HW adopts ASIC DES accelerator, which can enhance much VPN performance.

Mobile Network with Optional Wireless LAN
A wireless LAN can be easily established by inserting a ZyXEL ZyAIR WLAN PCMCIA card into the Prestige 652HW. The capability of wireless expansion quickly extends the existing LAN and offers the advantage of mobility. Wireless connectivity is secured by standard features including WEP encryption, MAC filtering and IEEE 802.1x authentication.

Auto Fail-over and Fail-back WAN Backup Solution
The Prestige 652H supports fail-over and fail-back WAN Backup Solution by forwarding traffic to either a backup ISDN or analog modem in the event of DSL connection failure. When the DSL connection is re-established, traffic returns. It also performs backup functions by redirecting traffic to a specific gateway to ensure availability of the Internet. The WAN Backup Solution saves the cost of device maintenance, and daily operation losses.

Effective Network Bandwidth Management
The Prestige 652H enables network administrators to allocate network resources while guaranteeing Quality of Service (QoS). Network Bandwidth Management increases productivity and efficiency by tailoring a system to specific demands such as time-sensitive VoIP applications.