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ZyXEL HomeSafe 100W Wireless Parental Control Device + iCard[SKU - 101]

ZyXEL HomeSafe 100W Wireless Parental Control Device + iCard

ZyXEL HomeSafe 100W Wireless Parental Control Device + iCard[SKU - 101]

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ZyXEL HomeSafe 100H HS-100W + iCard Silver 1 Year Content Filtering Subscription

Parental Control Gateway Router with 802.11g Wireless 'PLUS' One Year Content Filtering Subscription (iCard Silver)

ZyXEL's HomeSafe Parental Control Gateways are Internet sharing gateway with built-in Parental Control enforcement features designed to provides customers with the most complete set of Internet parental control tools available today. It is designed to give parents the freedom to share Internet access with every member of their household and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their Internet access rules are being enforced 24 hours a day.

HomeSafe Parental Control Gateway allows parents to:
  • Create separate parental control profiles for each member of the family
  • Manage what time of day family members can access the Internet
  • Limit how much time each family member can spend on the Internet
  • Control which Internet applications a family member is allowed to use
  • Block objectionable content based on a family members maturity level

HomeSafe Gateway vs PC based Software Solution
Until now parents wanting to manage their familys Internet usage needed to install a software-based solution on every PC in the house. With the average number of PCs per household increasing every day, purchasing separate parental control software packages is both difficult to manage and an expensive proposition. HomeSafe has been designed to deliver powerful parental control features at a single point of installation and management.

In addition, HomeSafe gateways also provide all the standard routing features available on all ZyXEL Internet sharing routers. So there is no additional hardware require. The HomeSafe gateway can be connected directly to a DSL or cable modem to provide full Internet sharing functionality.

How the HomeSafe System Works
The HomeSafe system concept is simple. Parents create different user accounts for each family member and each account has its own set of access rules.

HomeSafe Access Rules Include:
  • Time-Of-Day
  • Parents can set rules to enforce when their children are allowed to access the Internet
Daily Access Allowance
Parents can set daily allowances to manage how much time each user is allowed to spend on the Internet, on any given day of the week. Once a users daily allowance is used up, their Internet access will be disconnected and they will be logged off the HomeSafe system for the day.

Application Level Control
Parents can block a users access to certain online applications such as Web, email, chat rooms, peer-to-peer applications and online games.

Web Content Filtering
Parents can filter out objectionable web content by selecting from dozens of different content categories.

Before any PC on the LAN is allowed access to the Internet, the user must first log into the HomeSafe Parental Control System.

Once logged in, the user is subject to the access rules assigned to their login account. The access controls follow the users login, not the PC. So, if family members are sharing the same PC, each person can have their own login account with a unique set of access rules.

iCard Silver - One Year Content Filtering Subscription
We all understand the great benefits of the Internet: we can access critical data, track personal finances, conduct research for a school report, or even purchase products right from our home or office. Unfortunately, we also have immediate access to offensive and non-productive sites. Many organizations don't realize how much loss in productivity, drain on network bandwidth, and risk of legal liability comes from the misuse and abuse of the Internet during business hours.

With the abundance of harmful information available on the Internet, organizations need a new breed of technology that provides the ability to intelligently manage and control Internet access. Recognizing the need to manage Internet resources, businesses want filtering and monitoring solutions that integrate with their existing gateway or network devices, rather than pay for and manage additional hardware and software on their networks. Finding such devices has been difficult.

ZyXEL's Content Filtering Solution provides comprehensive filtering tools to filter Web Content based on keywords, time of day, trusted and forbidden domain designations, and file types (such as Cookies, Java and ActiveX). ZyXEL's Content Filtering Subscription Service adds the ability to filter Web pages based on content themes for maximum accuracy.

ZyXEL's Content Filtering Solutions feature a database of several million categorized URLs. In addition, we combine blocking, monitoring, real-time URL rating, policy management and real-time reporting in a centrally managed, 100% web-based solution.