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UDS V3229 DC 12-60VDC Standalone Modem - Used Condition 6209539700010[SKU - 2180]

UDS V3229 DC 12-60VDC Standalone Modem  - Used Condition 6209539700010

UDS V3229 DC 12-60VDC Standalone Modem - Used Condition 6209539700010[SKU - 2180]

Quantity :
UDS V3229 DC 12-60VDC Standalone Modem

Data Rate - 14,400 bps to 300 bps
Data Compression up to 57.6 Kbps
2/4 Wire lease line and dial-up
LCD front panel configuration


With the growing need to exchange incresingly complex information, a high-speed, accurate, and reliable data modem has become indespensible. Motorola has developed the V.3229, ideally suited for applications that require a high data throughput with no loss in accuracy, reliability, or ease or operation. Fully compliant with V.32 bis data compression can increase data throughput to a maximum rate of 57,600 bps while MNP level 5 can increase throughput to 28,800 bps. Highly effective applications for V.42 bis include the exchange of picture and image files, spreadsheet and database files, program source and assembly code files, and text files.

The V.3229 transmit full-duplex, asynchronous or synchronous data over dial-up lines and 2- or 4-wire leased lines. With automatic adjustment of data rate and modulation scheme to the remote modem, the V.3229 is compatible with most V.32 bis , V.32, V.22 bis, V.22 and Bell 103 modems.

The V.3229 LCD front panel gives you interactive fingertip control of option selection and modem configuration. The 32-character display and three pushbutton keys let you scroll through a complete menu of option choices, displaying the currently selected options and promting you for changes. Nine preset factory option sets make configuration easier than ever.


Features and Benefits
Front panel and AT driven remote configuration allows option settings of a remote unatended modem to be changed over the phone line. Password security denies access to unauthorized users
With Automatic Rate Adaption (ARA) the modem dynamically adjust its data rate backward or forward.
Password and autocallback security prevent unauthorized conncetions
Dial backup allow the modem to switch to a dial line connection if the leased line fails and return to leased line operation automatically
With integrated V.25 bis , seperate modem and autocall units are not needed. Also, you need only one port on the host machine, eliminating additional hardware expense.
CCITT standard V.42 bis for asynchrounous error correction/data compression.
AT command set compatible
2-wire and 4-wire phone numbers
Storage for nine phone numbers
Call progress indication
Software volume control
Rack mountable



Data Rates :

CCITT V.32 bis 14400, 1200, 9600, and 7200 bps trellis coded
CCITT V.32 9600 and 4800 bps uncoded
CCITT V.22 bis 2400 and 1200 bps Bell 103 300bps (async only)

Operation :

2-wire full-duplex dial-up or leased line
4-wire full-duplex leased line

Test :

V.54 remote loopback control
V.51 511 PN patern
Analog loopback, Analog loopback with test pattern, Local digital loopback
Remote digital loopback, Remote digital loopback with test pattern, Test pattern generation/checking
4-wire only; Remote analog loopback, Remote analog loopback with test pattern

Transmitter Output Level

-9 dBm permissive, or programming resister for dial-up operation
0 to -21 dBm in 1 dB increments for leased line operation
-9 to -21 dBm in 1 dB increments for cellular applications

Modulation : Compatible with CCITT V.32bis, V.32, V.22, V.22 and Bell 103
Error Correction/Data Compression Protocols : MNP2-5, CCITT V.42/V.42 bis
Carrier Frequency : Compliant with the appropriate standard
Carrier Detect Level : Dynamic to -43 dBm
RTS/CTS Delay : From 0 to 150 ms (plus/minus 2 ms) in 10 ms increments
Line Equalization : Automatic adaptive
Timing : Internal, external, or receive
Internal/External Transmit Clock Frequency : Selected bit rate of plus/minus 0.01%
Digital Interface : EIA-232D, CCITT V.24; DB25 female connector
Telco Connection : 8-pin modular jack dial and leased lines
Size : Width 7.0 inches; height 2.5 inches; depth 9.6 inches