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Motorola Netopia 2241n ADSL2+ Modem Router Gateway [SKU - 83]

Motorola Netopia 2241n ADSL2+ Modem Router Gateway

Motorola Netopia 2241n ADSL2+ Modem Router Gateway [SKU - 83]

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Motorola Netopia 2241n ADSL2/2+ Modem Router Gateway - NEW - Plain White Box
Manufacturers part number : 2241N-VGx

The Motorola Netopia 2241n-Vgx ADSL2+ gateways are ideal for cost-sensitive mass deployments to residential and small office subscribers, as well as for upgrading subscribers on existing ADSL networks. With several LAN connectivity options, the Netopia 2241n delivers Motorola's legendary ease of use, reliability, and security.

Ease of Use. Upon initial power-up, Netopia 2241n gateways can be configured to "phone home" by contacting a pre-designated auto configuration server (ACS), such as the Motorola Netopia Broadband Server (NBBS) service management platform or another ACS that supports DSL Forum TR-069, to automatically receive the latest software updates and configuration information. This real-time provisioning also helps streamline inventory management by leveraging a common hardware platform that can be customized upon activation.
Motorola Netopia 2241n 2241N-VGx ADSL2/2+ Modem Router Gateway New Plain White Box
Security. Motorola's Netopia 2241n includes Motorola's hallmark routing and security, protecting even single user households from hackers and denial-of-service attacks.

Advanced Service Features. For the delivery of quality-sensitive services such as VoIP, IPTV, and triple play, the Netopia 2241n uses Motorola's comprehensive feature set that delivers the following benefits:
  • Broadcast-quality video and crystal-clear voice are assured by Motorola's VGx QoS technology paired with advanced multi-level queuing and packet prioritization mechanisms
  • Services from different providers can be delivered concurrently to multiple TVs or devices through support for TR-101
  • Fast and reliable video channel surfing is assured through support for IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 proxy functions with Layer 2 IGMP snooping and fast leave capabilities
  • Video-on-demand features like fast forward, pause, and rewind are enabled via RTSP support
Motorola Netopia 2241n rear view
Remote Manageability. Netopia 2241n gateways offer comprehensive remote manageability, including centralized remote provisioning, troubleshooting, and management, through support for the DSL Forum TR-069 and TR-111 specifications.

Pairing Netopia 2241n gateways with the Motorola NBBS service management platform can dramatically reduce operational costs while improving accuracy and customer satisfaction.

The Netopia 2241n sets the standard for value and affordability, giving providers new opportunities for churn reduction, competitive differentiation, and revenue generation.

This is a Never Deployed product.
Material condition is New.
Product ships in a clean plain white box that includes one (1) 2241N-VGx Gateway, one (1) Power Supply, one (1) CD-ROM, one (1) Printed Quick Start Guide, one (1) Telco cable, one (1) Ethernet cable, and one (1) USB cable.