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Extended Range Links

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5 x Siemens SpeedStream 6520 ADSL2+ Wireless Residential Gateway
3 x Westell VersaLink 327W 4-Pt ADSL 2/2+ 802.11b/g Modem/Router
1 x DrayTek Vigor 2130Vn Wireless Gigabit Broadband Security & VoIP
2 x DCE 5204A-GRD 4-Port Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router Firewall VLAN
1 x DrayTek Vigor 2710n ADSL2/2+ Modem/Router with Wireless N
1 x DCE 5204A-NRD ADSL2 ADSL2+ 4-Port Wireless N Modem Router Gateway
1 x Data Connect 2178WEE Wireless Ethernet Extender
1 x Data Connect SWM910A
2 x 2Wire 2701HG-B 4-Port Wireless 802.11G ADSL 2/2+ Gateway
1 x Data Connect Cellular Data Modem CM 900
1 x DrayTek ANT-2510 High Gain 10 dBi Omni Directional Antenna
1 x Westell VersaLink 327W 4-Pt Wireless 802.11g ADSL2+ Modem Router
2 x 2Wire 2700HG-S 4-Port Wireless 'G' ADSL 2/2+ Gateway
1 x ZyXEL Prestige 662HW
2 x Prestige 2602HW 802.11g Wireless ADSL VoIP IAD
1 x D-Link DI-524 High Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless Router
2 x DCE 5205AV NRD Wireless VDSL Modem Bonding modem router 300Mbps
2 x Data Connect Cellular Data Link CDL 115.2
1 x DCE/5204AV-NRD/K 4-Port ADSL2+ / VDSL2 Combo Wireless 802.11n Gateway
2 x Data Connect SS920A
3 x ZyXEL HomeSafe 100W Wireless Parental Control Device + iCard
1 x TBCEA502 Wireless ADSL ADSL2/2+ Wireless 802.11g w/4 Port Switch
2 x DrayTek 5dB Omni-Directional Wireless Antenna
2 x DrayTek ANT-2309 High Gain 9 dBi Omni Directional Antenna
2 x DCE 7402A-NRD Wireless-N 150Mbps ADSL2+ Firewall Router
1 x Versa VX-170WR 4-Port Wireless 802.11g ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router
2 x ZyXEL ZyAIR G-4100 Hotspot In-a-Box - 091-005-073002
1 x UTStarcom WA3002-g4 Multi-Port Wireless ADSL2/2+ Gateway
1 x DrayTek Vigor 2130n Wireless Gigabit LAN/WAN Broadband Security
2 x The Data Connect 5204AV-NRD 4-Port Wireless-N ADSL VDSL Router Device
2 x DrayTek Vigor 2110n Wireless N Broadband Router
1 x The Data Connect 5204AV-MR/K 4-Port Wireless ADSL VDSL Router
2 x Data Connect CDL900 Cellular Data Link
1 x DCE 5204V-NRD Wireless 802.11n VDSL2 4-port Firewall Router
2 x DCE 5204A-NRD/P ADSL2 ADSL2+ 4-Port Wireless N Modem Router Gateway
1 x Planet Technology VC-230N 802.11n Wireless VDSL2 Router (2PK)
2 x 2Wire 2700HG-B 4-Port Wireless 'G' Gateway Plus USB Adapter
1 x Netopia 3347WG Wireless ADSL Gateway
1 x DrayTek Vigor 2110Vn Wireless N Broadband Router with VoIP
1 x Planet Technology VC-230N 802.11n Wireless VDSL2 Router
1 x ZyXEL ZyAIR G-4100 v2 802.11g Wireless Hot Spot 'In-a-Box'
3 x DCE 5204A-NRD/B ADSL2 ADSL2+ 4-Port Wireless N Modem Router Gateway
1 x ZyXEL P-660HW 802.11g Wireless ADSL2/2+ 4-Port Gateway & Router
1 x Netopia 3387W-ENT Broadband Wireless Gateway
1 x ZyXEL VSG1432 802.11n Wireless VDSL2 ADSL2+ 4-Port Gateway
1 x DrayTek Vigor 2130 Gigabit LAN / WAN Broadband Security Router
1 x Data Connect 2178HP-WEE High Power Wireless Ethernet Extender
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