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about ClickItDirect is a reliable distributer of networking and network connectivity products. Founded in 1988 the company specializes in commercial, carrier and industrial grade network extension, network edge, and access solutions.

ClickItDirect is well known for its reliable ADSL and VDSL access solutions, Ethernet servers, switches, and extenders, wireless modems and routers, VoIP solutions, POE products, channel bank and T1/E1 solutions, and a very broad range of commercial and custom designed wireless and wire-line modem and network extension products for trailing-edge, leading-edge, and blended migration applications.

ClickItDirect offers solutions for both wire-line and wireless applications addressing data, voice and video transmission needs. We are well equipped to help businesses, service providers, carriers, VARs, and systems integrators looking for reliable networking solutions. Ask ClickItDirect how we can help you with both your legacy network applications and your new network requirements.

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6 x DCE 5204V-NRD Wireless 802.11n VDSL2 4-port Firewall Router
7 x DrayTek 5dB Omni-Directional Wireless Antenna
2 x Versa VX-170WR 4-Port Wireless 802.11g ADSL 2/2+ Modem Router
4 x Prestige 2602HW 802.11g Wireless ADSL VoIP IAD
3 x DCE 5204A-NRD/B ADSL2 ADSL2+ 4-Port Wireless N Modem Router Gateway
3 x DrayTek Vigor 2120n Plus Dual Band WLAN-n Gigabit - VPN Firewall Router
5 x Data Connect CDL900 Cellular Data Link
2 x Planet Technology VC-230N 802.11n Wireless VDSL2 Router (2PK)
6 x Data Connect SS920A
2 x DrayTek Vigor 2710n ADSL2/2+ Modem/Router with Wireless N
3 x DrayTek ANT-2309 High Gain 9 dBi Omni Directional Antenna
4 x DCE/5204AV-NRD/K 4-Port ADSL2+ / VDSL2 Combo Wireless 802.11n Gateway
2 x Netopia 3387W-ENT Broadband Wireless Gateway
5 x Data Connect 2178HP-WEE High Power Wireless Ethernet Extender
4 x Data Connect 2178WEE Wireless Ethernet Extender
5 x Siemens SpeedStream 6520 ADSL2+ Wireless Residential Gateway
3 x DCE 5204A-NRD/P ADSL2 ADSL2+ 4-Port Wireless N Modem Router Gateway
2 x The Data Connect 5204AV-NRD 4-Port Wireless-N ADSL VDSL Router Device
3 x Data Connect Cellular Data Modem CM 900
3 x ZyXEL VSG1432 802.11n Wireless VDSL2 ADSL2+ 4-Port Gateway
2 x DCE 7402A-NRD Wireless-N 150Mbps ADSL2+ Firewall Router
4 x 2Wire 2700HG-S 4-Port Wireless 'G' ADSL 2/2+ Gateway
2 x Xavi X7768r is an 4-Port ADSL/ADSL2/2+ Wireless Modem/Router
3 x DrayTek Vigor 2110Vn Wireless N Broadband Router with VoIP
5 x Data Connect SWM910A
1 x ZyXEL ZyAIR G-4100 Hotspot In-a-Box - 091-005-073002
7 x Data Connect Cellular Data Link CDL 115.2
3 x ZyXEL ZyAIR G-4100 v2 802.11g Wireless Hot Spot 'In-a-Box'
2 x Motorola Netopia 2241n ADSL2/2+ Modem Router Gateway
4 x DCE 5204A-GRD 4-Port Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router Firewall VLAN
3 x Motorola Netopia 2241n ADSL2+ Modem Router Gateway
3 x Netopia 3347WG Wireless ADSL Gateway
1 x NETGEAR DGN1000 N150 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
3 x DrayTek Vigor 2130 Gigabit LAN / WAN Broadband Security Router
2 x DrayTek ANT-2510 High Gain 10 dBi Omni Directional Antenna
3 x DrayTek Vigor 2130n Wireless Gigabit LAN/WAN Broadband Security
2 x Planet Technology VC-230N 802.11n Wireless VDSL2 Router
4 x D-Link DI-524 High Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless Router
2 x Westell VersaLink 327W 4-Pt ADSL 2/2+ 802.11b/g Modem/Router
1 x DrayTek Vigor AP 900 Wireless 802.11n Access Point with PoE
4 x DCE 5204A-NRD ADSL2 ADSL2+ 4-Port Wireless N Modem Router Gateway
1 x DrayTek Vigor 2760n High Speed VDSL2 Modem Router with ADSL2+ Fallback
2 x Westell VersaLink 327W 4-Pt Wireless 802.11g ADSL2+ Modem Router
1 x DrayTek Vigor AP 800 Wireless 802.11n Access Point with PoE
2 x DrayTek Vigor 2120 Dual Band WLAN-n Gigabit - VPN Firewall Router
2 x DrayTek Vigor 2110n Wireless N Broadband Router
2 x ZyXEL P-660HW 802.11g Wireless ADSL2/2+ 4-Port Gateway & Router
4 x 2Wire 2700HG-B 4-Port Wireless 'G' Gateway Plus USB Adapter
3 x ZyXEL HomeSafe 100W Wireless Parental Control Device + iCard
1 x ZyXEL N4100 Wireless 802.11n Wireless 'Hot Spot In-a-Box'
3 x 2Wire 2701HG-B 4-Port Wireless 802.11G ADSL 2/2+ Gateway
3 x ZyXEL Prestige 2000W VoIP WiFi Phone
1 x TBCEA502 Wireless ADSL ADSL2/2+ Wireless 802.11g w/4 Port Switch
3 x The Data Connect 5204AV-MR/K 4-Port Wireless ADSL VDSL Router
1 x DrayTek VigorFly 200 Wireless Access Point Broadband Router
2 x ZyXEL Prestige 662HW
1 x ZyXEL Prestige 2000Wv.2 2nd Generation WiFi Phone 91-012-017002
4 x DCE 5205AV NRD Wireless VDSL Modem Bonding modem router 300Mbps
1 x DrayTek VigorPro 5300n Wireless 802.11n Unified Security Firewall
2 x DrayTek Vigor 2130Vn Wireless Gigabit Broadband Security & VoIP
2 x DrayTek Vigor 2710Vn ADSL2/2+ Modem/Router Wireless N VoIP
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